April 19, 2019

Scientists, Teachers & Scientists of Learning as Teachers

Teachers are the great gift that humanity gives to itself.

Every human, even if only reflexively onto oneself, has known a teacher.

There are many Teacher-Artists of Learning. There are some Scientists of learning who both observed, discovered and created new novel teaching technologies (not the electronic kind). Maria Montessori being one example.

With Art and an appreciation of history one can explore and participate in developing a student.

With the analytic of the Science of Learning, a Teachers can also refine her or his own artistry of Learning, in complementarity with students.

Quite a stark contrast from the industrial get-it-done approach of education.

A Learning -
   distinct from educational instruction - tunes and participates in developing a resonance of learning with the student.

The Student -
   developers her or his own resonance and can bring them into composition as a harmonic art form in anything. This is not just "auditory- or music-related", though there is certainly a refinement and maturation in the learners ability to Hear

the Teacher -
   is one who has developer the capability to appreciate the development of all sorts of art as they emerge in time and to see the patterns of expression as they unfold

a Scientist of Learning -
    can ratio his history with his own art to modulate and tune Many art forms and refine them For a scientist of learning the person she guides in development IS an art form

The crux -
  An Artist can express his or her own art but it is not done in the Refining context of historical dynamic of the Person (the Student)